Hey, im the MC and Screamer of the german Rockband called Panik. We had a lot of problems with our ex-management and we had to go to court, because of very bad contracts. Now we produce our new album and on our MySpace Page you can find our first own produced Single. Thank you very, very much to have the possibility to present our music. Rock on Timo

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    You have left! (?) (thinking…)
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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Mike, I am disappointed in you

        Ilya from Russian Federation.

      • DeinEcho commented  · 

        Hi Mike.
        Probably to ask you about the help it is silly, but someone requires it, I speak about group PANIK. You remember have noticed, what they are talented and they have a potential? Now for them a hard time, they are close to disintegration.
        We ask, on behalf of all admirers to help them.
        For us, PANIK mean too much, we cannot without their music.
        We hope for you...

        And, excuse for my clumsy English...

      • Tasha commented  · 

        Dear Mike!
        We think it's terrible when a young and very talented group is leaving the show business. This group is Panik. That group, which won the vote on your blog. They are really good, young, active, talented. Otherwise they would not have so many fans, who are worried for them, for which they should continue to write songs.
        We think that your opinion would be for them a weighty argument.
        Please help them to realize that they are the team that we love, respect and understand.
        Sincerely yours, Tasha from Russia

      • Aly_Killer commented  · 

        Deat Mike!
        You remember voting in you blog? Then have won Panik. This is a very talented group. We love them very much. But now they can leave show-business. You promised to help that group which will win. And now they require your help. Please, help them! All fans ask you!

      • Dependence_Kills commented  · 

        Mike, you has told that will support those who will win voting. Now for Panik came the most unpleasant times, the band may cease to exist. We don’t want this, their music is very important for us. These guys are dear to us! Please, help us to return them on a scene. We don’t want to lose these guys. We love them. Support them, please! We hope for your understanding.

        By Vikki

      • Schwarzer Engel commented  · 

        Dear Mike! Maybe you listened about problems of German group Panik. Four of six musicants are going to leave Panik forever…Now thousands fans of this group are find a way out of the our common problem…Panik is cool, important, and, for the most of fans, the main even in many lifes…It will be hard, terribly and unbearably if we’ll lost their, possibly , one of the most talented groups in the world…
        Maybe, it sounds a bit stupid to ask you to help. But now it’s difficult times for Panik and for every fan. Please, support these guys! I think and hope, you understand me…
        My best regards, Schwarzer Engel

      • nirvana commented  · 

        In modern show business all sold and bought. Such groups are pure, sincere ant it is really rarity. If musicians will leave the band Panik now that it would be wrong, it would mean that they have accepted it conditions. And It is wrong and it shouldn't be! .So much efforts are wasted. And we are the fans, asking you are so much to affect them at all for the sake of us, and for the sake of THEM

      • Licht commented  · 

        We just wanna use any chance to stay together with these amazing guys and their amazing music.

        Please, Mike. Please!

      • Tatyana commented  · 

        Dear Mike,please,help us!Help PANIK!We can't lose them!It must not be a truth!!!They are too talented to finish everything!Everything that they have already done can't just destroy!We need your help,maybe,you are our last hope...PLEASE!

      • Show Shock commented  · 

        Mike, you already know about a situation in PANIC group, your help, at least support, it is necessary for them. We very much ask to help! You our last hope! We do not wish them to lose.

      • Kenny commented  · 

        Dear Mike!
        You know about band called Panik , isn`t it? You noted that they are talented, and they have the potential ... they are in a difficult situation, they can not understand each other and they have a problem. Еhey are almost completely disintegrated...
        We ask on behalf of all the fans, to help them!

      • (:SmaiLika:) commented  · 

        Hello! Do you remember day when you wrote here about one young german band - PANIK. But time… it can change.
        Do not leave PANIK without your attention and support. You promised to help them in their way, and now we ask you to help them! Your words can save them! Think about it…

      • Reira commented  · 

        Dear Mike!
        Please help the German band Panik. They need your help and support group on the brink of collapse.

        Sincerely, Reira

      • Jerry commented  · 

        Hello, Mike. I have always respected you and LinkinPark art, but now I come here not for this...
        Unfortunately, the PANIK band announced its disbandment. all fans in deep shock, but only Russian try to do something. We do not believe that everything can be finished. As the PANIKband came to an end. We all believe that they are still ahead. We try to support them, but no success.
        We are in despair. We need your help. We believe in you. More hope no one ... Please.

      • Edelweisss commented  · 

        Panik means a lot for us, and I think that would just let them go nowhere, it's not fair, because you know how talented they are.
        But you must understand that they are young and they need support.They are one of those who are entitled to their thoughts.We are not prepared to lose them.Their creativity is very important for us.
        It has helped many people and changed their outlook on life.
        I am writing this letter and hope for understanding

      • Asiya(dejavue) commented  · 

        Dear Mike!
        Please, help Panik. We need them.
        We are their echo. And if they stop to sing we'll stop to exist. Everything is simple.

      • Neiz commented  · 

        Dear Mike!
        In times when there is nobody to address for the help I decided to write to You.
        Recently I have known Panik can cease to exist as a band because of troubles with money. Panik is an important part of life thousands of people and mine too, and of course I don`t want that to happen. Some months ago You promised to help them in their way, and now we ask You: please, help them in so difficult minutes.

        Good Bye & Good Luck,
        Best regards, Neiz

      • Luna_Sonne commented  · 

        Greetings, Mike.
        Forgive that we disturb you here , but the reason is really important.
        I think that you more than anybody understand how it's difficult - to remain yourself and to make the music you want to make. And sometimes there are the moments when it seems that everything slides to devils.
        At such moments the most needed thing is support; first of all-support of family. It has turned out so that all of us (fans of Panik music) are one big family. And now it isn't all the same to us, it's painful to see the boys standing on the verge . Before the line, after which they will refuse of their dreams, of everything they has been coming to for so long. They aren't whiners or weak people-they always struggle till the end. They taught many of us to do like that. Their appeal is similar to yours, probably that's why you have noticed them in your blog once. I remember this day-boys were so happy and shone like children. Your opinion is a very important for them. That's why now, at this critical moment, I address to you-please, talk to them. They really need support.
        We'll make everything that is in our forces to make them remain.
        Help us, please.

      • Stacy Echo commented  · 

        Dear Mike,
        Once you've noticed a German band Panik and told you'd like to help them. And now it's your turn! We're just fans and can't support them in everything, though we try to do all we can. Our favourite band is going to split up just 2 month after releasing their second album, which you'd definitely appreciate. They need your support now. And all their fans need your support now, because you seem to be the one who can really help us. We don't want the band which has changed our lives in a better way and helped us to survive to stop its existence because of lack of money or poor promotion. These guys made me beleive I'd reach all I want and my dreams would come true. Make them believe in themselves. Please, help us.
        Best wishes from Russia

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